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Swimming Pool Services

  • 1 hour
  • Price on Inspection
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

We offer you A-class repair and maintenance services for your pool. After precise inspection and analysis on site, we will provide you with the best service advice in terms of water treatments, plumbing, electrical & cleaning issues and regular checkup. Ø Sweeping/cleaning of pool surrounding/decking area (up to 2 m Wide) Ø Skimming of water surface and removal of debris Ø Brushing off dirt from pool walls, bottom, overflow gutters (Removal of any kind of stains is excluded) Ø Cleaning of skimmer and pool pump baskets Ø Supply, dosing, application and balancing of pool water chemicals as per DM Pool Safety Guideline Ø Performing water testing (Cl, PH, Tem) and producing traceable records Ø Maintaining the required water level in the swimming pool by adding water Ø Attention to water circulation and performing backwash and rinsing of water filters/if applicable. Ø Performing visual and performance inspection of pool, pool lights, plant room MEP equipment for any leakage or breakdown (any critical issue or malfunction will be reported and quoted separately) Ø Maintaining pool plant room cleanliness Excluded: Parts, material and consumables (all subject to availability in the UAE)

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